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Specialized solutions for industrial and marine maintenance

COMEX has a wide variety of solutions in Industrial Coatings and one of the most outstanding are antifouling coatings that prevent the development of microorganisms in boats, as well as primary, epoxy and polyurethane coatings of excellent adhesion and durability that extend the life of all kinds of ships.


Contact information:

Cd. del Carmen
CP 24114, México

Tel. +52 (938) 3813036

email: ramxacomex@hotmail.com

Web Site: www.comex.com.mx

Specialized in:

Anticorrosion Protection Equipment

Industrial Paint and Coatings

Navy line

Large vessel portfolio solutions:

* Highly resistant materials for constant immersion
* Marine paint with high stability and abrasion support
* High durability systems for large vessels
* Comex Industrial Coatings Solutions Portfolio
* Excellent adhesion Primaries
* High solids epoxies
* High gloss polyurethanes
* Maximum durability brilliant Polysiloxane
* Rich in zinc to provide anticorrosive protection.
* Alkyd and acrylic enamels.
* Roof and non-slip floor Coating.

COMEX Industrial Coatings

Within the offer in Comex Industrial Coatings we offer:

* High resistance Coatings to the environmental impacts and the attack of aggressive agents on exposed surfaces.
* Industrial paints that protect areas where electricity is generated, avoiding some incident risk
* Coatings that prevent the propagation of heat, static, and corrosion by spills.
* High performance and high durability coatings to make more efficient cost-benefit in the investment of materials to Long term for different types of installations.

Our Brands:


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