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The best solution for Industrial and Marine Lubricants

Leading company in distribution of Industrial and Marine Lubricants of the SHELL ® brand, in addition to associated products like Accumulators LTH ® and Filters Fleetguard ®. Specialized in the requirements of the offshore industry in the Gulf of Mexico, with coverage in the States of Veracruz, Tabasco and Campeche.

Lubricantes del Golfo

Contact information:

Av. 4 Ote S/N
Entre 3 Sur y 2 Sur
Puerto Industrial Pesquero Laguna Azul
Cd del Carmen
CP 24129, Mexico

Tel. +52 (938) 384 2286
Tel. +52 (938) 384 2287

email: ventas@lugolfo.com.mx

Web Site: www.lugolfo.com.mx

Specialized in:

Marine Services

Fuels and lubricants

SHELL® Marine Lubricants

* Caprimus XR 40 for use in diesel engines
* Gadinia 30 and 40 for use in diesel engines * Alexia for use in low speed auxiliary engines
* Argino for use in medium speed auxiliary engines
* Rimula R3 X15W-40 for use in diesel engines
* Rimula R2-40 for use in non-turbocharged diesel engines

* Alvania EP 0 for multipurpose use
* Alvania RL3 for use in electric motors, generators and fans

SHELL® Industrial Lubricants

* ATF III for automatic transmissions of vehicles
* Dromus BX for universal machining operations
* Omala ISO VG with extraordinary performance at high pressures
* Rimula R3 15W-40 high performance for engines
* Rimula R4 15W-40 high performance for engines
* Spirax 80W-80 for differentials and transmissions of heavy equipment
* Tellus ISO VG for hydraulic systems

* Alvania for multipurpose use
* Cypress for multipurpose use
* Retimax WB2 Chassis grease for non-demanding applications

LTH® Batteries

LTH marine batteries for marine applications are designed to meet two main needs: increased power at start-up and deep discharge without affecting performance.

The best heavy duty batteries in extreme conditions thanks to its robust design. It offers maximum vibration resistance due to its epoxy anchorage and rigid construction. Its innovative FLAT TOP cover design in type 31, has an internal maze that minimizes liquid loss, lengthening its life.

Fleetguard® NanoNet Designs

The new generation of lubricant filtration
Through advanced research and manufacturing capabilities, Cummins Filtration has developed a nanofiber material for Fleetguard lubricant filters. The combination of NanoNet® material and StrataPore® material has created a new range of lubricant filters that offers increased performance, increased capacity and the best cold flow restriction available. This makes the LF14000NN the best choice when it comes to achieving maximum protection for your Cummins ISX engine.

* A revolutionary combination of NanoNet and StrataPore materials
* Increased performance and capacity
* The best cold flow restriction in your class
* Best protection for your Cummins ISX engine

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