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High Level Integral Training that transforms organizations

In our 25 years we have specialized in designing, building and implementing Knowledge and Culture Platforms through on-site and virtual training methodologies, our mission is to effectively transfer the knowledge and culture of companies and put them at the service of the Welfare of the People, their organizations and their communities.


Contact information:

Calle 25 No. 121
entre Calle 22 y 24A
Fracc. Loma
CP 97205, Mexico

Tel. +52 (999) 981 5308

email: contacto@puestapunto.com.mx

Web Site: www.puestapunto.com.mx

Specialized in:

Training Services

Training in safety and personal protection

Certification of personnel

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Human Resources Services


Learning to identify the differences between the risks technically described in safety management programs and those actually perceived by workers is fundamental. Through this identification we develop plans to gauge the perception of risk.

In this case, understanding which triggers influence the perception of risks (social, cognitive, psychological and physiological) is extremely important To customize the intervention. After the identification, we carry out workshops that develop the understanding and analysis of situations, as well as the development of the critical capacity to perceive and manage the risks identified in each situation.

The results are reflected in all hierarchical levels, And help in the decision-making process of the organization.


We have the human and technological platforms and infrastructure for the development of complementary distance learning technology in the E-Learning, B-Learning and M-Learning model . The Virtual Education Model (MEv) integrates the content with interactive resources that encourage learning and multiply the possibilities of assimilation. The modality allows the participant to drive the pace of the process and can access previous classes in full whenever they want.

The resources for training are: products that vary between simulators, real training scenarios, role playing, integrated in an innovative way that maximizes learning and brings its members closer to the subject in question. The modules are designed according to the requirements of each specific project.


One of the major challenges faced by organizations is to identify the psychosocial aspects that negatively influence HSE indicators.

Since the first contact with the workers and throughout the intervention, they are being observed by our specialists and classified according to their behavior and leadership towards Security, in this way we identify the leadership of each work team and We empower them to turn them into safety replicators. Similarly, those workers who are cataloged with the capacity to negatively influence other workers (negative leadership) are further evaluated in a first stage to "neutralize" them and then turn their negative leadership into positive.


(Safety Talks, Behavioral Security, Incident Investigation and Analysis, Effective Audits, Work Permit, Risk Analysis).

Many of the companies we serve already have Implanted a series of tools as mentioned above, however they are not satisfied with their results. In order to maximize them, we measure their performance through accompaniments / technical visits and, lists of verifications and personalized indicators, this allows us to present an analysis together with an intervention plan.

For those who have not yet had the opportunity to test the aforementioned preventive processes, the implementation is entirely personalized and respects the values and culture of HSE of your organization.


(Integration, setting, technical trainings, operative training, operative, HSE campaigns, Family integration to the company).

We design, implement and follow up to achieve the objective through specific programs to complement the organization´s HSE strategy. We generate a different and effective learning experience, aligning each of the objectives to the company´s philosophy through the PuestaPunto Habits and Abilities Model®, directing the application of the contents through the method and with experienced instructors that assure the Construction of the knowledge in the participants coupled with the effective transfer of learning. During the whole process we follow the participants to work their skills and develop their skills to the maximum.

In terms of results, all stages are measured and documented to verify the progress of each participant, their respective behavioral changes and the impact of training on the practice of group work.

We develop behavioral KPIs for each project.


Adapting our methodology to the scope of projects and their requirements, we develop customized corporate academies and universities. Based on andragógica models, our planning contemplates the worker as an important part in the society, his family and the company.

With a strong focus on the sustainability of educational processes, we designed strategies capable of strengthening the individual competencies of the participants and the preventive potential of the group. The results are reflected in collaborators better prepared to act in the HSE contexts, as well as in the progressive improvement of the culture they share, acting in each of the strategies.

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