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TREV-ON supplies torque equipment, nut breakers and hydrostatic testing

Specialized engineering services in hydrostatic testing, torque equipment, tensioners, cutting and beveling machines, nutsplitters, rental and sale of equipment and turnkey solutions.


Contact information:

Av. Lirios # 142
Fracc. Puente de la Unidad
Cd. del Carmen
CP 24157, México

Tel. +52 (938) 118 9750

email: info@trev-on.com.mx

Web Site: www.trev-on.com.mx

Specialized in:

Industrial tools

Materials and Industrial Equipment.

Construction and Maintenance Equipment

Torque wrench and quadrant dice

The RSL Series Hydratight hydraulic torque wrenches are designed to tighten and Loosen nuts and bolts for professional applications in the fields of oil and gas, power generation and industry. RSL Torque Wrench is reliable, light and powerful, they compose only three moving parts, so maintenance is easier and significantly reduces the possibility of damage. The drive head can be equipped with a quadrant with dice of different sizes or a hexagonal head and can easily be connected to the pneumatic or electric pumps.

Break nuts

The Break nuts Hydratight is a fast, secure and reliable method to remove corroded or seized nuts without resorting to thermal cut, chiseled or the ground. Break nuts offer a range of using a powerful hydraulic cylinder and for introducing light cutting wedges designed with high precision, on the flat of the nut. The wedge design, equipped with three cutting edges, has been designed for long life with a minimum installation time, and can be replaced in seconds if necessary. Thanks to a range of interchangeable cylinder heads, Break nuts are designed to break any measure nut.

NB Cutter

Narrowbody this machine is the industry standard for cutting and beveling machines for narrow light pipe body 3 "(76.2 mm) to 36" (914.4 mm). The NB model is the reference standard for light industry machinery narrowbody. Durable tools maintain a low perl and require a minimum working space. Patented bearing design. Excellent surface finish in any alloy. You can cut any wall thickness.

Flanges separator

Correct joint disassembly is particularly important during maintenance operations. Separation of difficult joint is often a laborious and time consuming. Traditional methods may involve the risk of personal injury or damage to expensive components. Our wide range of equipment for joint separation of boards is specifically designed to provide faster, simpler and safer solutions. For maintenance, repair, decommissioning, verification and exchange of valves. No hammers, chisels, slings or chains are required.


If all the bolts are tightened simultaneously, you can save up to 80% of the time compared to alternative methods. The submarine Tensioner Hydratight Aquajack gets it and, therefore, provides the most cost effective solution for tightening bolts and studs for underwater use. Unique design Aquajack reaction nut: SPLIT Nut® to quickly dismantle the tools and their application to long bolts and damaged threads: Maximum travel of the piston 30 mm for tools AJ2 to AJ8. A maximum of 20 mm for AJ1 tool. All tools incorporate visual indicators piston stroke

Stress Relief Equipment

Stress Relief Equipment Model RE-06/75 KVA. With 6 outputs Quick Connect Steel Cabinet Type 304 stainless Register for 12 Color Graphics Operating Temperature Controllers, Automatic and Manual.


It is a machine that is mounted internally for all types of flange faces. gasket groove machining and preparation for welding or countersink. Characteristics: Quick Set adjustable clamping jaw Three speeds of rotation Selector Internal or external grinding

Hydrostatic tests

Trev-on qualified technicians Team can perform hydrostatic tests on valves, process lines and pressure vessels, with high-quality standards and health and safety standards established in our market. It remains at the forefront rules to apply for the services we provide as our staff is continually trained to offer quality services. Our innovative technology ensures that systems and equipment are in good working order and comply with the safety requirements of operations verification to production pressures. Our procedures are qualified before the World Register, our technicians at the IMENDE as Level 2 supervisors and our equipment is calibrated to a certified by the EMA.

Quick Face

Quick Face The Hydratight new portable hand tool makes it possible to access pipe flanges in a safe and comfortable way. QuickFace facilitates grinding Every day we have hundreds of situations where the flanges to be rectified in difficult to reach locations and even dangerous. Pipes can be found at the top of a refinery or line kilometers of high voltage closer, no room to move. Now, for the first time, engineers can trust on the accuracy and performance of the largest pneumatic and electric tools Hydratight in a lightweight, portable format. QuickFace, a simple and cost effective solution with cutting-edge design technology reduces the work of two men with heavy equipment, compressors and portable generators to the work of one man.

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