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20 years serving the Marine and Oil and Gas Industry in Campeche

Ruver Industrial is a company dedicated to materials and equipment commercialization essential for the Oil and Gas industry, marine and Industrial for onshore and offshore. We specialize in a wide range of materials, tools and equipment; Corrosion coatings and paint as well as safety and personal protection Equipment.

Ruver Industrial

Contact information:

Calle 55 # 55
entre 26-B y 38
Col. Revolucion
Cd. del Carmen, Camp
CP 24120, México

Tel. +52 (938) 382 9141

email: arullan@ruverindustrial.com

Web Site: www.ruverindustrial.com

Specialized in:

Industrial Paint and Coatings

Sand Blast & Paint Equipment

Anticorrosion Protection Equipment

Industrial tools

Materials and Industrial Equipment.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Resins and Epoxy Mortars

Anticorrosive coatings

* Products with PEMEX and CFE specification * Fast drying enamels * Epoxy * Polyurethanes * Polysiloxanes * Low VOC products * Antifouling * Solvents: thinner standard, American and acetone * Slimming or thinning mixtures: 80/20, 60/40, 40 / 41/19, 50/50

Equipment for painting

* Paint pots of 2 and 5 gallons * Paint spray gun conventional type, with glass and gravity, airless type * Parts for paints and spray pans * Hoses for paint and air fluid * Connections, spare parts and accessories.

Coating measurement equipment

* Wet and dry film thickness gauge (Nordson, Positector) * Coating failure detector * Complete bonding kit and replacement straps Anchor and surface profile gauges * Solder gauges * Anchor profile comparator lamp * Gauge Temperature, humidity and dew point.

Anti-Corrosion Protection Equipment

* Sand blast pots, Moisture separator filter for sand blast pot, Filter-regulator-lubricator set, Abrasive control valve, Oring and conical valve for sand-blast pot * Bullard model, Apollo 600 model, Nova 2000 scalpel, thick inner Mica for scapers, Mica thin outer for scapers * Air purifier filter for scuba, Replacement cartridge for air purifying filter, clementines and nozzles * Connections claws-pins in different sizes, ¾ AND 1 ¼, Sand blast nozzles * Sand Silica for sand blast 16/30 and 20/80 mesh.

Industrial Safety Equipment

* Harnesses, Belts, Bands and Lines of Life * Delimiting Tapes with Legends Danger-Caution, Bicolor Reflecting Tape * Autonomous Breathing Equipment, Welder´s Mask, Clear and Dark Glass for Welder´s Mask * Safety Flasks, Cartridge Masks and Disposables , Cartridges and Filters for Masks.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

* Safety Helmets, Safety Helmet headscarf * lenses, glasses and goggles, Cord retainer Lenses * Earplugs and earmuffs * A Ball Type Gloves with PVC Dots, Gloves, Long and Short Type Greenway, American Type lined gloves, nitrile, latex gloves, pork and beef leather gloves for operator * Rubber boots with or without Steel Bushing, Safety Boots with laces and oil style.

Tapes and coatings for the protection against corrosion, leaks and spills

* Tapes PCS in Petrolatum material for protection against corrosion * Repair Kit pow-r wrap to stop leaks * antisplash tapes for protection in machine rooms * treo marine wrap for tracing * Dryseal tapes for sealing of hatch covers * Resins and epoxy mortars for the installation of chockfast machinery grouting and anchors.

Materials, Tools and Industrial Equipment

* Pneumatic Tools * Reamer of needles, chisel and extension, rectifier, Spare Parts for industrial Drill Reamers * * Fan Type turbo, air cleaner, manifolds, Air Filter, Regulator and Lubricator * Repair Tools * Abrasive Discs, cut-off and grinding, diamond, laminates * Wheels flap, sheets, discs and rolls of sandpaper * Mounted cutters * rotating riveters * wire brush, circular tease, cup type and thumbnails.

Industrial Hoses

* Hose for Sand Blast of 2 and 4 layers * air hose up to 500 Lbs * Hose for painting * hose for the loading and unloading of abrasive * Hose for water charge and discharge * Fire Hose * oxygen-acetylene hose * fast connections type 2 and 4 claw nails * shell-type clamps 2 and 3 screws.

Industrial Paints

* Normal and fast drying vinyl and enamels paints * Fluorescent Enamel Paints * Spray paints.

Representative of this Brands:

HEMPEL Jones-Blair Devilbiss Grupo Industrial CHIPAXA TEXAS PNEUMATIC TOOLS Silices de México UNIVAR NORGREN Continental Contitech DIXON DeFelsko GALG GAGE AUSTROMEX Abrasivos Chockfast PCS - Petro Coating Systems Positector MCR SAFETY ALTO Altura Segura MSA The Safety Company UVEX DERMA CARE 3M HERHILD TUK Firestone Boots Brava Dry Zone Super PRO PERFECT

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